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Bwana Tucke Tucke is a tour operator, registered in Namibia and Germany. Contact Carsten Möhle . Our Exhibition ground conveys pure African Adventure-Feeling. Since the travel fair season in 2000 our stand is booked as eye catcher for Incentives, Presentations and show acts during travel fairs and road shows. The open – capable of driving and licensed – Safari Unimog stands on a collapsed bridge, the entrances are made out of “Elephant’s tusks”, the consulting corners are decorated with animal skins – all this smells for an African adventure. We have our “Bush School” with animal droppings, Bushmen Arrows, snake skins, lion hair, minerals and fine woven bird’s nests. We explain to children and interested adults several animals, plants and things of daily use. One highlight, often taken by local Radio- or TV stations, are our explanations about the Elephant droppings or little drum performances. Guests get the opportunity to taste dried Mopane caterpillars, even though this is an option that is rarely used.

Bwana fair stand 2005Bwana fair stand 2005

Bwana fair stand 2007Bwana fair stand 2007

Fair stand from aboveFair stand from above

Excitement around the standExcitement around the stand

During preparationsDuring preparations

Meet old friends and fansMeet old friends and fans


Our Bwana Shop with African Arts & Craft, jeweler, curios and things of daily use invites to rummage in and to stay for a while.

Technical Specifications:

  • Space needed from 35 to 50 m²
  • Best with 3 to 4 open sides
  • Weight of Unimog 4to fully loaded
  • Wide 2,20 m x Lenght 5,50 m x High 2,30 m

Most of the travel fairs use our Unimog for media-pre-information from building up the exhibition grounds before the Fair event.


Preparing a Potije the Namibian wayPreparing a Potije the Namibian way

Bwana Tucke-Tucke Bush schoolBwana Tucke-Tucke Bush school

Focus on BushmanFocus on Bushman

Ovahimba bush schoolOvahimba bush school

er Bwana Tucke-Tucke

Safari Erlebnisstand


Bwana Tucke-Tucke ist ein in Deutschland und Namibia registrierterReiseveranstalter.

Unser Messestand nimmt im Schwerpunkt das Thema der ersten Afrikadurchquerung vom deutschen Indiana Jones Paul Graetz mit dem Automobil auf. Im Mai 2009 jährte sich diese Expedition zum 100. Mal.Der Platzbedarf ist 35-45 Quadratmeter für ein Display mit eingestürzter Brücke ( Graetzmobilnachbau + Safari – Beratungsecke). Bei einem Blockstand oder einem zu drei Seiten offenen Standplatzkommt das Fahrzeug besonders gut zur Geltung.

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