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Windhoek City Drive

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Explore Windhoek

Bwanas unique City Tours through the Capital of Namibia

Videotrailer Windhoek city drive with mit Katutura

Windhoek city driveGoethe already stated: “You only see what you know.” Therefore our knowledgeable guide will take you on an eye-opening city tour.

We will take you back in time by revealing the history and inside stories behind individual houses, interesting places and monuments – knowledge that is not found in the travel guides. It is this detailed knowledge that breathes life into the story of Windhoek’s development, its three castles, the “Tintenpalast” and the “Alte Feste”.

Allrad-Stadtrundfahrt in WindhoekAllrad-Stadtrundfahrt in WindhoekThe guided city tours take place in an open, vintage, 1964 model Landrover – which alone is an adventure of its own. We never take more than six gests, which grants everyone enough space for taking pictures and to enjoy the sightseeing. The open vehicle allows closer contact to the local people when visiting the suburb of Katutura – allowing for chats along the way and even giving kids a ride for a stretch. Unique, up close and personal experiences!

For your convenience we will pick you up at your accommodation and drop you there after your Windhoek City Experience.

Routes & rates

You’ll find 2 rates for every tour: 1. English-/Afrikaans-speaking Guide - 2. Carsten Möhle as Guide. All rates incl. Softdrinks.

Rates 2018

  • Windhoek City Tour incl. Katutura (3 hours): 550 N$/Person     Carsten Möhle:  800 N$/per person
  • Katutura intensive (5 hours): 940 N$/Person      Carsten Möhle: 1.400 N$/per person
  • Historical City Tour (7 hours): 4.700 N$ per vehicle, max 4 Pax
  • Windhoek, Thematic City Walks (f. e. shopping, arts and culture, beauty): 500 N$ per hour   Carsten Möhle: 800 N$ per hour

Rates 2019

  • Windhoek City Tour incl. Katutura (3 hours): 650 N$/Person       Carsten Möhle: 900 N$/per person
  • Katutura intensive (5 hours): 975 N$/Person       Carsten Möhle: 1.500 N$/per person
  • Historical City Tour (7 hours): 5.100 N$ per vehicle max 4 Pax
  • Windhoek, Thematic City Walks (f. e. shopping, arts and culture, beauty): 600 N$ per hour    Carsten Möhle: 900 N$ per hour

Daytrips to farms and Lodges around Windhoek on request.

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